Silk Plaster is a fantastic product that exceeded my expectations. As a homeowner, I was searching for a simple solution to enhance the look of my walls without having to undergo the hassle of painting or installing wallpaper.

– Happy homeowner

About Silk Plaster


About Us

At SILK PLASTER, we stand as a pioneer in manufacturing eco-friendly finishing materials for walls and ceilings. Based in Latvia, a country renowned for its vast forest area, our love for nature is reflected in our decorative plasters. Composed of hypoallergenic and health-safe materials, our products bear various international certifications, attesting to their high quality and eco-friendly composition.

Our Mission

In 2023, our commitment to excellence led to the expansion of our product range, introducing various decorative paints and exterior finishes like Nappa, Setta8, and paints with decorative sand effect. Utilizing high-tech machinery and a state-of-the-art paint product production line, Silk Plaster remains at the forefront of innovation.

Our technology

Our technologically unique finishing material offers a seamless, durable, and elastic surface that transforms space effortlessly. Easy to apply without special skills, SILK PLASTER masks imperfections, provides insulation, and stands the test of time without bubbling, chipping, or cracking. Repair is a breeze – a touch of moisture and a trowel are all it takes.

Office Location

Spilves iela 6, Rīga, LV-1055

Call for Consultation

+371 20777800


+371 20777800

Time Zone Gmt+3

8:00 - 18:00

Proffesional Wall Design With Silk Plaster

Quality control

Driven by a professional Research and Development Department, we adhere to international safety standards, ensuring all necessary certifications for our materials. SILK PLASTER's global recognition as a world industry leader is underlined by our industrial plants in Europe, a network of divisions worldwide, and our participation in international trade fairs, showcasing our commitment to expanding operations globally.

Main Product Categories

Liquid Wallpapers (13)

Decorative Wallcoverings (4)

Exterior Wallcoverings (1)

Premium Paints (1)

Tools Supplimentary Products (9)

Why Choose Us

About SILK PLASTER group


Established in 1997, SILK PLASTER has evolved over 20 years, starting with innovative DIY-products and progressing to become an industry leader in decorative plaster manufacturing. Our commitment to safety and high standards is evident in our M1 and A1 category materials, free from harmful chemicals. The VOC-free manufacturing process is a testament to our dedication to quality.


SILK PLASTER is an international company founded in 1997.

More than 1500 variations

4 deferent product categories, Select product variation that fits your needs

Fast delivery times

We are proud to be the global leaders in the production of decorative plasters and liquid wallpapers.


We are proud to be the global leaders in the production of decorative plasters and liquid wallpapers.

Fast delivery times

We are proud to be the global leaders in the production of decorative plasters and liquid wallpapers.

Customer support

Team of professionals, that will support your needs in any casa

Affordable Price

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Our Team

Meet With Professional Team

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It is possible to become a distributor for SILK PLASTER. You can find SILK PLASTER in more than 900 boutiques located all over the world. Numerous multi-brand stores also retail our products as well as thousands of private traders. We are always actively working to expand our distribution network and would be very happy to hear from you!

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