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What is premium paints?

Primecolor5 is a high-quality, eco-friendly, and low VOC latex paint designed for walls and ceilings. This easy-to-use paint boasts Matt Technology, ensuring a beautiful, durable finish that maintains its shine even after extended use or cleaning. Developed in Latvia, Primecolor5 adheres to the highest quality standards of the European Union.

How is The material prepaired?

Perfect for interior painting, Primecolor5 is versatile and can be applied to various surfaces like ceilings, walls, woodwork, furniture, and radiators. Its high solids content provides exceptional opacity, making it an excellent choice for machine painting. With easy application properties, minimal roller splashing, and suitability for putty surfaces, plaster, fiberboard, chipboard, plaster, concrete, fiberglass wallpapers, previously painted surfaces, etc., Primecolor5 offers a seamless painting experience.

protective properties

Notably, Primecolor5 comes with a Class 1 scrub rating, representing the highest level of scrub resistance. This means the paint can withstand repeated cleaning without showing signs of wear or damage, making it an ideal choice for areas requiring frequent maintenance. Choose Primecolor5 for a hassle-free, top-quality painting solution that brings your interior spaces to life!

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Silk Plaster is the leading manufacturer of Liquid wallpapers and other dry and liquid mateeials. 


what our customers say about SILK PLASTER?

A satisfied customer is our highest priority and value. We always strive to give you the best we can offer.

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Average rating 4.9 / 5

We have 3 showrooms across the country, the product is available in all major DIY stores and there is still space to expand

Denis Kopylov
Denis Kopylov co-funder

Working with Silk Plaster since the beginning, already 10 years mutually beneficial cooperation”

Saulius Sakalauskas
Saulius Sakalauskas

IL Meistrus CEO

An extensive array of colors and textures, and I'm equipped to meet the demands of even the most particular customers.

Stan Yunatanov
Stan Yunatanov

Art In Home Inc, USA.

“Os designers na Espanha estão expressando grande admiração pela paleta de cores oferecida pelo "Silk Plaster". Recentemente, introduzimos essa paleta nas prateleiras da Bauhaus.”

Juan Daniel Martin Ruiz
Juan Daniel Martin Ruiz

CEO at Revestimientovinilico

“Atualmente estou comercializando “silk plaster” sob minha marca própria, expandindo com sucesso sua presença em cinco países diferentes. Priorizo a excelência no suporte ao produto e ao fabricante.”

Carlos Rocha
Carlos Rocha

Lojas Ecodecor Brazil

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It is possible to become a distributor for SILK PLASTER. You can find SILK PLASTER in more than 900 boutiques located all over the world. Numerous multi-brand stores also retail our products as well as thousands of private traders. We are always actively working to expand our distribution network and would be very happy to hear from you!

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